Heartbeat of an unborn child six and one-half weeks after conception (Latido de corazon de un bebe por nacer seis semanas y medio despues de la concepcion):


The First Nine Months ~ Watch Me Grow! 


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"Life Before Birth" - flier with incredible photo of tiny human 6-8 weeks gestation

tear drop baby - MCCL flier in English.p[...]
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"Vida antes de nacer" - volante en ESPANOL:

tear drop baby - MCCL flier in Spanish.p[...]
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Alexander Tsiaras, an image-maker and the author of the book “From Conception to Birth: A Life Unfolds,” gave a recently-published TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talk, during which he unveiled a spectacular video about fetal development. The video, which graphically shows the process of hum...

Post-abortion healing video spot (Spanish and English)


Proyecto Esperanza, Chile


TV spot (Espanol) - Proyecto Esperanza - Programa de ayuda para la mujer (o el varon) que sufre las consecuencias del aborto 


TV spot (English version) - Proyecto Esperanza


TV spot (English version) - "New Hope" - multiple help organizations listed 




Videos que describen el aborto - ATENCION - son muy GRAFICOS - En ingles con subtitulos en espanol:          (ATTENTION: Very GRAPHIC Videos that describe abortion - In English with Spanish subtitles:) 





Aborto Químico durante el Primer Trimestre


Aborto Quirúrgico durante el Primer Trimestre: Succión D & C, Dilatación y Curetaje


Aborto Quirúrgico en el Segundo Trimestre: Dilatación y Evacuación


Aborto Inducido en el Tercer Trimestre


El aborto es una realidad cruel y deshumanizante - tanto para la mujer como para el

niño por nacer ... y para la sociedad entera. Que el mundo entero rechace el aborto!



Mother's Inspirational Video of Blind Baby Boy - Lacey and Christian Buchanan

The TV spots featured in the video below were produced and aired by the Government of Chile to promote and protect the well being of young children - including those in their mother's womb. Please note: In 2017 the Government of Chile modified its legislation and now now longer protects mother and child equally.


Programa Adopcion Espiritual
Descripcion del Programa de Adopcion Espiritual - con imagenes, etc.
programa.pps   Microsoft Power Point presentation [834.0 KB]

Film Trailers