African bishop will tell Synod: West’s pro-gay foreign aid is destroying our culture (VIDEO)

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Proposal to UN: Adequate Nutrition - First 1,000 Days of Life

See below for Priests for Life Proposal to UN Commission on Status of Women

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Philadelphia Abortionist Kermit Gosnell Accused of Murdering Infants Born Alive After Abortion

"What liberal media (really) fear about Gosnell trial"

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Read the complete report of the Grand Jury Re: abortionist Kermit Gosnell

Click here for complete Grand Jury Report --- WARNING! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!

Young Slovakian Sculptor Captures Post-Abortion Pain, Mercy and Forgiveness

Sculpture by Martin Hudáček; born in 1984; home: Banská Bystrica, SLOVAKIA. Permission to reproduce photos of sculpture granted by sculptor to Family Life Council, Inc.


According to the sculptor, “Memorial for Unborn Children” is an expression of the mother suffering from post-abortion trauma, and also shows the aborted child who comes to the mother to offer forgiveness. It also expresses hope which is given to believers by the One who died on the cross for us, and showed how much He cares about all of us.


For information on the issue of post-abortion trauma, and referral to programs that offer help:


Project Rachel –  

Rachel’s Vineyard - 


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